Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

One last trick or treat!
Link and Zelda
Any true video gamer would know that!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Year of Lasts

My blogging friend, Pam, at Abiding With Love made a comment on my Facebook status a week or two ago - calling the time period I am in "The Year of Lasts".
I haven't forgotten it because it is totally what I am feeling. Our baby girl is a Senior in High School...she is the last of 3 children.
And everything, every little thing she does, I am fully aware and thinking,
"This will be the last time I ______________."
It is bittersweet - after all, I do turn 50 in a few weeks, and seriously, all this stuff is making me tired. Chaperoning these away football games on the bus with however many band students, staying out until 1:00 a.m., those days REALLY kick my hind-end! Selecting Senior photos has been an excruciating chore - I want every, single photograph. And it pains me to miss anything, like right now she is at a band competition that I was not able to attend due to a workshop I was committed to. I am obsessed.
So, since my mind is occupied with being the mom of a graduating senior, and the last of three children, and I am barely able to think of anything other than the year of is most fitting that I post some photos of the last Homecoming that I will participate in as a parent. In Texas, Homecoming is huge! As you will see with the Homecoming mum photos that I will post. (and also the photo that captured the comment of my blogger friend, Pam!)
The traditional (to Texas) Mum and Garter
Jeremy directing from his favorite spot!
Adam and Thien joined us!
Even Grandma came for the game!

The half-time performance!

Time for Homecoming Dance