Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderful Word - GLORY

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

I don't know about you, but often, this passage is so familiar to me that I just read over it. You know what I mean...read it and not really HEAR what it says.

But it says "whatever you do".

Whatever I do?

Yes! Whatever. To me, that means everything.

Everything? Yes, everything!

Wow! That is SO difficult.

I do a lot of things in a day! And in any given week...I do a TON of things!

Granted, I am one of those annoying people that do too much. Yes, I admit it...I do TOO much. One of my greatest weaknesses is trying to do everything. But God does say to do "everything" to the glory of God. But I try to do everything to the glory of Liz. Ah. But it just does not work. Nope. Does not work. Never has. Never will.

I can wear myself out keeping all the balls in the air. Keep my husband happy (I so fail), keep my kids happy (yet again, I fail), be perfect at work (oh, I can't be perfect at work), be a good friend (oh no! I forgot to call her back!!!!!!!) Cook dinner...(does Taco Bell count?) On and on and on.
Somewhere along the day, a ball is going to drop.

Especially if I am trying to keep them up in my own power. No can do.

When I communicate with my husband -(Lord) don't let me think it's so that he will understand MY point of view. Let it be so that God is glorified.

When I talk to my kids...cook for them, be there for them, help them (with weddings, apartments, etc.), let it be about honoring God and they receive the blessing. Not my own desire to glorify my abilities as a mom, but to bring Him glory because He is love, therefore I love.

When I work, and even if I goof up (I forgot to approve payroll for my employees yesterday! My CFO had to do it for me...and it was okay!) God is glorified. He is glorified because I apologized for my mistake. He is glorified because sometimes I do it right. He is glorified because I allow His love to be lived out in my life...even at work.

I might have been a "bad" friend, but He can teach me to love like He does. I might not have made good choices with my money, or my food choices, or how I spent my free time, but He can show me how to be more like Him.

WHATEVER I do....I weigh it against what would bring Him honor and glory.

Tough. Yes, but not as hard as we think when we let Him do the work.

Hoping to glorify Him ....