Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitude Monday - One Thousand Gifts

Cycle Shoes are actually pretty awesome. I have been reluctant to spend the money on shoes that cost so much extra simply to imprison my foot to a pedal. But, I broke down and did it....
I love them!

My son and I went to the local nursery and browsed through (and purchased) gardening plants.
What fun! What a gift to be able to share a common interest with my son and his fiance'.

Hard work that feels satisfying even when exhausted. I love being tired because I accomplished something and am so grateful to have the opportunity.

Friends that I can call when I feel like I don't have a friend. haha! True. One of my biggest temptations in feeling sorry for myself is to feel like I don't REALLY have any friends. But, I know I really do, especially when I can call some of them and tell them that's how I feel and they understand (and love me anyway). Now, THAT is a true friend.

Big, fat, burritos on a patio with a couple of those really good friends. A twenty plus year friendship is a very, very fantastic gift.

Even after nearly 3 months, my 5 minute commute to work is an awesome thing! Thank you, God!

My husband and daughter were able to go on a Father Daughter retreat. They spent good time together, enjoyed some family friends that go back almost 15 years, and learned some important things about the differences between "men" and "women". Our daughter has experienced some very good counsel on what to look for in a Godly spouse, and the information could be life changing. So be it.

Weight loss. I am grateful that when I gain extra pounds over the holidays and on vacations, that I am in the pattern of loosing it instead of living with it. I am on a quest to be the best that I can be when I turn 50 this fall.

Two of our three children have college educations. Sometimes, I still find that hard to believe and I will be always grateful!

The joy of the Lord. Oh, what a wonderful gift!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration - 17!!!??!!

I think it is pretty cool to be born on a holiday...
especially if that holiday is Valentine's Day.
Our lovely daughter turned 17 on Valentine's Day
And a 2 Day celebration took place.
My advice to her long ago was,
"Don't accept a combo-gift for Valentine's Day on your Birthday."
We (her father and I) always buy her birthday gifts
AND a Valentine's Day gift.

What a beautiful young lady!
Happy Birthday!

The Girls!

Brother, Adam, and future sister-in-law, Thien

Spoiled rotten by Adam and Thien

What a look!

Brother Aaron and girlfriend, Sofi

Proud and happy parents




Birthday cake(s)

I have not shared my motherly advice with Rebecca's boyfriend.
She says she didn't tell him either.
He must be an intelligent young man.
He brought her Valentine's Day gifts before school on Monday

And Birthday gifts in the evening.

A Mother Daughter photo - before Rebecca's date with Jeremy
And before her father and I went out to celebrate Valentine's Day.
(and the fact that she had a date so that we could celebrate together...not often in the last 17 years - the disadvantage to having a child on a holiday.)

What a happy day!

Special Visit and Big Announcement

Thien and Adam on the day of their engagement - also her birthday.

Something has happened that we have been waiting for for a very long time! Our oldest son and his girlfriend of the last 3 and a half years got engaged recently! They asked me to not say anything on a "public" internet site (ie., blog, facebook,...) because they wanted to make certain that all her family had been informed. Since some of her family still lives in Vietnam, and her parents live in the Washington DC area, we wanted to honor the request that everyone be informed before the big announcement.

But now...I can announce it...our son, Adam, and Thien, are officially engaged! Yay! No date for the wedding is set at this time, but I know they will figure out when that will be in the proper amount of time.

So, Thien's parents were able to make a trip to Texas! And her sister too! What fun we had as we celebrated that our families will be united as a result of our children. We had so much fun that we didn't remember to take many photographs. I think there are some on my phone? We enjoyed cooking for one another and we played Dance, Dance Revolution which was hilarious!
We are so blessed to have Thien and her family as part of our lives!



Thien, her parents, and Rebecca

Thien's sister

Thien's parent's with Adam and Rebecca

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Arrival

Monday night, while we were sleeping
it began.
Groggy, I hear the unmistakable sound...
I've heard it before
"tsk", "tsk", "tsk",
Rapid hits on the glass of windows, on the roof.
Wind whirling
trees creek and groan
as ice hugs limbs and cracks as wind blows.
And I know, it is here.
The storm arrived as expected,
sleet, ice, then snow
Bitter cold, bones ache.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
ice and cold
ice and cold
Silent slumber under warm quilts
snow falls
on dark, dark night.
Friday ice is covered with soft, bright, blanket
Children cheer
No school again!
Four days now!
Winter has come.

Rebecca and Jeremy and snowman
They walked, meeting half way,
no parents would allow driving.
But even 17 year olds
still enjoy
playing in the snow.

The sun was out today!
(I am grateful)
More snow forecast this week.
Winter has come.