Saturday, July 14, 2012


My house is messy. It was only cleaned yesterday but it remains messy. There are books piled here and there, projects started and stashed away, and beloved items that won't be thrown away but have yet to find a "home" in our house. It seems I can't keep up with it, so the messiness remains here and there and it just gets cleaned around. On Monday, our daughter leaves for an extended vacation with some friends. I keep wondering if I should take some of that "free" time (haha...she is 18 years old!) and tackle some big cleaning project and do a little decorating, or develop some feng shui. But then I remember what I read about feng shui. One of the original uses of feng shui was to orient tombs in China. Tombs. That seems so unappealing and contrary to to living - the messy, breathing, living that goes on in my home. Maybe I will start another painting.