Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm Still Mom

This season of my life feels very different than I thought it would.  My husband and I might actually be "empty nesters" but our kids still are a big part of our lives.  It's not a bad thing, but just when I thought I was going to have more time to do the things I thought I would always do "when the kids are gone" they just don't seem to be happening.

So when people ask me how it feels to have all the kids out of the house, I really don't know how to answer. Sometimes, it feels really quiet and lonely. Occasionally, I am excited to have the house ro myself or to not have to hide my leftovers.  And sometimes it feels the same as when they were here.  But what I do feel is I am Mom.  Still. Mom.  Our oldest son and his wife just went to India to work for 6 months.  The other side of the world. I have "talked" to them just as much (maybe a little more) this past week as when they were here, 10 minutes away. I am still Mom. Our second son, the Airman, has been very busy in California, a long way from home but as he gets ready to make another transition, I have talked to him, talked about him and prayed for him bunches.  I feel the same.  I am still Mom.  And our baby girl...45 minutes away, coming home for an unplanned visit tomorrow (laptop problems for Dad to look at), I offer to make a favorite meal when I planned to do some painting. I am still Mom.

So, having an empty nest has not hit me as hard as I thought it would.  I am grateful to still feel like Mom.  I think its a good sign, I feel like it's sweet success.  All my kids are healthy, functioning, independent adults. And our relationships are good. I am still Mom.