Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project #1 = Complete!

Tonight, I completed my project reaction paper for the biblical counseling course that I am taking. What a relief! After 5 hours of a recorded seminar by Paul Tripp, and an equal amount (or more) of time writing the paper, I can now say I have completed it! I was not feeling so certain that I could do it a week ago, but oh so sweet it is to know I can. Thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me all I need, even if that means the time and the ability to record in my own words what it means to walk in gospel centered community.

To Him - all praise and glory!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrate 30 years!

My honey and I will be on a flight
In just over a month
Our eyes will behold this beautiful sight
With luau's and cruises
We'll don snorkels and flip flops
Whale watching and napping
Hiking and browsing a few lovely shops
Our anniversary's here
Married now thirty years
How can it be?
The journey has brought laughter and tears
But I would choose him again
So to Maui we go
So excited I am - let the countdown begin!