Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Promise is a Promise (Grand Canyon)

Many years ago, I am guessing about 19 of them, our family visited the Grand Canyon for one day, on the way home from a trip to California to visit family.  Our eldest son was around 11, our middle one around 9, and our baby was a little over a year old.  Our boys wanted desperately to hike into the canyon, but our oldest one especially so.  He pleaded and my husband and I held firm our "No" as our youngest was too young and we were not outfitted for such an adventure.  I promised that we would return one day.

A few months later we moved to the East Coast of Virginia.  Not planned when we stood at the edge of the canyon and that promise was made.

And the many times we planned vacation time to the beach, our son reminded me of that promise to go the the Grand Canyon.

Time flew quickly and years later we had not returned to the Grand Canyon.  But, we did move to Texas and as we looked at spending time as a family, our oldest son brought this promise back up.

So, a family trip back to the Grand Canyon was finally accomplished this year!  We were missing one of our son's (He is in the Air Force), but the rest of us made it back to the Grand Canyon.

I have another promise yet to make good to our daughter regarding horse back riding lessons.  I will be working on this one next.  After all, a promise is a promise.

Highlights of our trip ...

 What a fun time!!!!!