Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Honor of the Graduate

He looked so serious, so still as he sat there
Clothed in black robe, square cap balanced just right
"He looks more like you than I realized", I whispered to his father
"He looks more like my dad", he whispers back
Wetness gathers in the bottom of my eyelids
Time has gone so fast
A second college graduate in our family
The children God created through our love
so many years ago, I couldn't imagine this day
"The Middle Child" this one
loved with a great big love
but always in between and sometimes feeling left out
Yesterday would not have happened without
his dedication, his hard work, and his perseverance.
Thinking back to the little boy with the big blue eyes,
the big round glasses and the hair sticking up.
Thinking ahead to the young man who will carry a weapon
in law enforcement, community service.
My heart fills with pride, with joy, with fear
and I know that he is in the hands of God.

Congratulations to our wonderful son!
UNT Graduate from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service
Degree in Criminal Justice

We are so proud of you!



Mary Ann said...

love it!

pam said...

What a beautiful post! YAY...for another one making it through! Hope your week is grand Liz!

Thien said...

AW.... if I'm human, I would cry.

drybottomgirl said...

Congratulations to your son! What a handsome man! And a high five to mom and dad for the awesome job you did raising him. Your post was beautiful and God has good things planned for him. Many blessing to you and yours.....