Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crazy,Senior, Band Mom

Life is FLYING by!
A friend of mine texted me yesterday and asked if I was going to make a girls night out in honor of a dear friend who recently finished treatments for breast cancer. I had to tell her "Very sadly, no." I went on to say that I wasn't going to be able to attend the Ladies Bible Study meeting either. My last text to her was, "I am a crazy, senior, band mom."
That's the truth. That's me, alright.
I had no idea that having a senior was going to take so much time. (and money) and that having a senior in the band was going to take even more time (and money).
But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I only get one more Senior year (as a mom) and I am making the most of it. Likely, I will drive my daughter crazy because I plan on attending every football game - even chaperoning the away games (unless I am out of town - like this weekend for work), plan on wearing obnoxious band mom t-shirts, framing gigantic photos and putting them up in our home, and soaking up every moment before the empty nest hits next year.
Today, we spent a couple of hours on a senior photo shoot! How much fun it was! I can't wait to see the proofs. I can hardly believe that my "baby" is a senior in high school and what a beautiful woman she has become.

I am a crazy, senior, band mom. No doubt.

Our daughter and her boyfriend

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