Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blue Bonnets

Yesterday, a friend sent me an early morning text. It said, "I would love to kidnap you today so we can take our cameras down to Ennis to take pics of the bluebonnet fields." My first thought was disappointment. After all, I do have to work. I was hopeful as I went to my desk to evaluate my day. Much to my surprise,my day looked really easy. So, the message I sent back said, "I can do whatever I want after noon!" I charged my camera battery, finished my work, put on my tennis shoes and off we went to the blue bonnet trail!

In January, I changed jobs in hopes of reducing my stress level and having more time to do things with friends, family, and restore my interest in nature, creativity and spend time with my new camera in hopes of capturing some nice photographs. What a treat it was to have God answer my prayer with the job change and then He continues to provide me with opportunities to enjoy the things I hoped to spend more time doing. My second "photo shoot" was taken on a whim, as an answer to prayer, with a friend who I am enjoying getting to know better all the time. Enjoy the famous Texas Blue Bonnets in all their glory!


Kim Hall said...

Love the pictures Lizard!! You know which one is my favorite!! LOL!!


Mary Ann said...