Sunday, July 25, 2010

Foto Fun - The Sunshine Project

My son's girlfriend has been living with us since April. It has been fantastic to have her here, for many reasons.
This reason, though, I could capture in photograph.
She loves to paint. She paints pictures - as in real pictures. She also paints the most fabulous flowers on my fingernail and toenails. She even likes to paint walls. Yes! She likes to paint walls...can you believe that?!?
We have a game room upstairs. It is sort of the "hub" of the upstairs.
It also is one room that I have done nothing with since we moved here 5 years ago.
In fact, when we forgot to take "before" pictures, I looked to see if I had a photo of this room from when I took pictures of the house when we moved here - nope.
I guess I didn't like the room much. Not that it's a bad room; in fact, it is a great place.
It just wasn't very pretty.
Thien (my son's girlfriend) didn't like the room much either but since we spend quite a bit of time in there, it became her desire to paint it.
She named it "The Sunshine Project"
The reason for that title?
The room was paper sack brown but has wonderful windows and light.
So, a color was selected and off we went.
Due to the fact that I had surgery 6 days prior, I only painted what I could reach; which was quite a bit. However, I did rest when necessary and took a few photos along the way.

This is the color contrast. Since we forgot to take "before" pictures, we decided we would
at least capture a memory of the color of the room before the re-do.

Thien had to pour all the paint since I could not lift the paint can.

Rebecca even joined in the fun. Thankfully!

I never got on the tall ladder, but I did use this one to paint as high as possible.
Thien did the entire ceiling while I painted from the floorboard to around 7 feet high.
The room has a cathedral ceiling, so it was quite a bit of reaching.

And here is what it looks like - finished.

We still have blank walls...waiting for the perfect accessories to be located.
The room housed most of our beach artifacts (from our years living on the East Coast).
Although I don't think I will use much of what we accumulated there, the room still carries a beachy feel. So....
A new, big screen television has been purchased and is on the way.
We are very excited about that!
After all, it is a game room!
Since many games in our home are electronic, it only makes sense! The first Wii game we played on the small T.V. that is in there now was enough for us to move the Wii downstairs.
We are looking forward to spending more time upstairs, in the Sunshine Room!
This was a very fun project!
Thanks, Thien and Rebecca!
I love it!

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