Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Music, My Prayer

Amy Grant came to a Flower Mound restaurant prior to the release of her most recent CD titled Somewhere Down the Road. Our local (Christian) radio station featured her live one morning and she played this song on the air, live. It touched my heart.

I have looked forward to hearing it and singing along every time it comes on the radio or my iPod. Various situations and people enter my mind as I sing along. But this last week, it has become my prayer. The song has ministered to me and given me hope, joy, and reminded me - strongly - of God's presence. He was with my hubby when his airplane crashed. He was with me when I received that unnerving phone call and He is very here while we recover...physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

Listen and praise the God who is always present, even when we are crying out in fear or pain.

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Laura said...

This is such a beautiful song. I bet it is even more moving live. Still praying for your guy, Liz. I'm still just in shock about the whole thing. Amazing that he will be ok...such a miracle. Yes, God was there in that. Had to be.

Hugs to you during this hard time.