Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Close My Eyes

Well, I did it. I took the writer's challenge at a blog that I have been lurking around for some time. I found this blog through Laura at Wellblog's place and have been enthralled ever since.

I have dabbled in poetry on and off. Written some invitations, cards, and even a few song lyrics (for fun) but have been hesitant to post any. (roaring lion? see below post)

With the encouragement of a friend, I decided to take the challenge on L.L.Barkat's blog, in a lesson on seeing. I chose a subject that is cherished, a memory that was real and something close to my heart. The beach. Many, many days were spent at the beach in the 12 years I lived on the Southern Virginia coast. The memories are real, and when..........

I close my eyes and I can still see
the beach.

The endless spans of water
Sometimes blue, green, or gray.

It moves
Gently and

Bubbles rise and falling forward.
On and on.

I close my eyes and I can still hear
the crash

Of tidal movement
As earth slowly spins

They thunder
Loud and
Over and over.

I close my eyes and I can still smell
the salt.

The sun warms the waters
Fills the air with sea fragrance.

I breathe
Sweet and

In and out.

I close my eyes and I am free
in Him

His creation excites
The beauty serene

He provides
Thrill and

I close my eyes and trust.

Forever and ever.

For a lesson on seeing, visit L.L. Barkat and try her "close your eyes" challenge.
Photo by me


Letters From Midlife said...

Liz, you really are a poet! I think I'll visit the blog you mentioned and maybe try my hand at this too. Thanks!

Tina said...

Liz, I like it "He provides thrill and rest" so true about the beach!

I plan on spending some quality time with my dog(s) at the beach as soon as it warms up a bit. It really is a wonderful place to draw close to God.

grey like snuffie said...

Liz, this is wonderful. I loved all the contrasts. Gentle and violent...close to Him...hmmmm

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Very nice, Liz. Great for just ignore those roaring lions and let it go...step out and believe in Him who gave you the desire to write poetry.

I love your picture cool it looks like a heart. Is that a picture of your own?

Thanks for all the comments and prayers both on my blog and on the other Paula's Sharing Spot.

Gail W. said...

Liz, I need to shower off the sand after reading this post! Like Tina, I was especially moved by your summary, "He provides thrill and rest." I'll take my thrills and my rest at the beach any day:)

Thien said...

Mrs. Liz. Please don't be a poet. You are too energetic, spontaneous and too much fun... (The poem sound great and soothing though). I guess I just like you better happy than "poemy". Ps: my mom was a poet before. She wrote many many. She had many fans too.

L.L. Barkat said...

Liked the way you moved from vision to hearing and so on. All our senses rise to attention in the presence of His glory.

Laura said...

Oh, Liz! How did I miss this sweet post? I am there with you, friend, enjoying the surf and sand.

I'm so glad you shared! L.L. has blessed me...she is such an inspiring writer and an amazing teacher. I just received her book in the mail and am looking forward to digging in!

陳珊妮sammi said...
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amy said...
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