Sunday, February 27, 2011

Special Visit and Big Announcement

Thien and Adam on the day of their engagement - also her birthday.

Something has happened that we have been waiting for for a very long time! Our oldest son and his girlfriend of the last 3 and a half years got engaged recently! They asked me to not say anything on a "public" internet site (ie., blog, facebook,...) because they wanted to make certain that all her family had been informed. Since some of her family still lives in Vietnam, and her parents live in the Washington DC area, we wanted to honor the request that everyone be informed before the big announcement.

But now...I can announce it...our son, Adam, and Thien, are officially engaged! Yay! No date for the wedding is set at this time, but I know they will figure out when that will be in the proper amount of time.

So, Thien's parents were able to make a trip to Texas! And her sister too! What fun we had as we celebrated that our families will be united as a result of our children. We had so much fun that we didn't remember to take many photographs. I think there are some on my phone? We enjoyed cooking for one another and we played Dance, Dance Revolution which was hilarious!
We are so blessed to have Thien and her family as part of our lives!



Thien, her parents, and Rebecca

Thien's sister

Thien's parent's with Adam and Rebecca


pam said...

Celebrating with you!!!! So exciting!

Thien said...

Aw... Love you too, future mother.