Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitude Monday - One Thousand Gifts

Cycle Shoes are actually pretty awesome. I have been reluctant to spend the money on shoes that cost so much extra simply to imprison my foot to a pedal. But, I broke down and did it....
I love them!

My son and I went to the local nursery and browsed through (and purchased) gardening plants.
What fun! What a gift to be able to share a common interest with my son and his fiance'.

Hard work that feels satisfying even when exhausted. I love being tired because I accomplished something and am so grateful to have the opportunity.

Friends that I can call when I feel like I don't have a friend. haha! True. One of my biggest temptations in feeling sorry for myself is to feel like I don't REALLY have any friends. But, I know I really do, especially when I can call some of them and tell them that's how I feel and they understand (and love me anyway). Now, THAT is a true friend.

Big, fat, burritos on a patio with a couple of those really good friends. A twenty plus year friendship is a very, very fantastic gift.

Even after nearly 3 months, my 5 minute commute to work is an awesome thing! Thank you, God!

My husband and daughter were able to go on a Father Daughter retreat. They spent good time together, enjoyed some family friends that go back almost 15 years, and learned some important things about the differences between "men" and "women". Our daughter has experienced some very good counsel on what to look for in a Godly spouse, and the information could be life changing. So be it.

Weight loss. I am grateful that when I gain extra pounds over the holidays and on vacations, that I am in the pattern of loosing it instead of living with it. I am on a quest to be the best that I can be when I turn 50 this fall.

Two of our three children have college educations. Sometimes, I still find that hard to believe and I will be always grateful!

The joy of the Lord. Oh, what a wonderful gift!


pam said...

Isn't it grand when we start recognizing the lies Satan tries to use on us.....we are loved even when we are alone...(people alone). So cool that you're enjoying your new job! And I might be a little jealous that you're out looking at garden stuff already.....I WANT WARMTH!!!!!

Le said...

What are the difference between men and women?
We gonna have the bestest garden ever. And Mr.Fred won't have to look at me and bunny's pepper lustfully anymore.

drybottomgirl said...

I am soooo jelous! Picking out plants already! I'm just waiting for the snow to melt! Loved your gratitude list and so very happy that life is treating you well.....:)