Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration - 17!!!??!!

I think it is pretty cool to be born on a holiday...
especially if that holiday is Valentine's Day.
Our lovely daughter turned 17 on Valentine's Day
And a 2 Day celebration took place.
My advice to her long ago was,
"Don't accept a combo-gift for Valentine's Day on your Birthday."
We (her father and I) always buy her birthday gifts
AND a Valentine's Day gift.

What a beautiful young lady!
Happy Birthday!

The Girls!

Brother, Adam, and future sister-in-law, Thien

Spoiled rotten by Adam and Thien

What a look!

Brother Aaron and girlfriend, Sofi

Proud and happy parents




Birthday cake(s)

I have not shared my motherly advice with Rebecca's boyfriend.
She says she didn't tell him either.
He must be an intelligent young man.
He brought her Valentine's Day gifts before school on Monday

And Birthday gifts in the evening.

A Mother Daughter photo - before Rebecca's date with Jeremy
And before her father and I went out to celebrate Valentine's Day.
(and the fact that she had a date so that we could celebrate together...not often in the last 17 years - the disadvantage to having a child on a holiday.)

What a happy day!

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