Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Arrival

Monday night, while we were sleeping
it began.
Groggy, I hear the unmistakable sound...
I've heard it before
"tsk", "tsk", "tsk",
Rapid hits on the glass of windows, on the roof.
Wind whirling
trees creek and groan
as ice hugs limbs and cracks as wind blows.
And I know, it is here.
The storm arrived as expected,
sleet, ice, then snow
Bitter cold, bones ache.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
ice and cold
ice and cold
Silent slumber under warm quilts
snow falls
on dark, dark night.
Friday ice is covered with soft, bright, blanket
Children cheer
No school again!
Four days now!
Winter has come.

Rebecca and Jeremy and snowman
They walked, meeting half way,
no parents would allow driving.
But even 17 year olds
still enjoy
playing in the snow.

The sun was out today!
(I am grateful)
More snow forecast this week.
Winter has come.

1 comment:

L.L. Barkat said...

Today I felt a little sad as I can see the grass again. It's been snowy for so long I got used to it :)