Saturday, April 2, 2011

God of Victory

Last night I was blessed to attend a very special worship service at my church...the celebration of The Village Church's latest CD. God of Victory CD was released yesterday and remarkably was ranked number 22 overall on iTunes...not in the Christian music genre - but overall. This is really cool, but not as cool as the wonderful way that God is glorified in this great blessing and the way that His love is being spread throughout the country, even the world through this CD. What humble talent I witness in the musicians that lead worship where I worship. Some of these songs, you may recognize, some of them, you won't. One is a big hit on the radio right now and our gifted Michael Bleeker's name is credited; along with a well-known singer, song-writer. I giggle, because when I first heard Glorious Day on the radio, my thought was, " are they singing a song from The Village Church?" ha ha! We had been singing it in our worship service for some time - I had NO idea that Mark Hall helped write it.

Anyway...I cannot express my gratitude that God brought us to Texas, plucked us out of a situation where God was not being honored, where I thought I might never attend another church again, and He orchestrated events so that our family would end up where we are now. So much healing has occurred; in me, in my family, in relationships, and most importantly in my relationship with God.

When I listen to these songs, I am reminded of the only thing that matters - Jesus Christ. I know that because of Him, I live.

Check it out for yourself!

God of Victory

The Village: God of Victory "The Vision" from The Village Church on Vimeo.

Rejoicing in Him!


pam said...

Rejoicing with you! He is so good. He redeems our lives in ways we can not even imagine.

Laura said...

Oh, how I love music. And I love you. How have you been, sweet friend? I've missed you.