Friday, April 8, 2011


I really don't like to think about suffering but I know it is part of life. And when things are going really well for me, I struggle a little because I know I am not doing anything right - I am just in a good place for now. The next trial, the next crisis, the next ... something... will certainly come along eventually.

Suffering is everywhere and nobody is exempt. I have lived through my own bouts of this and it started early in my life like many others. Some of the things I have suffered have been relatively small, but some of them have been great and life changing. I work in a place where every patient admitted has experienced some sort of trauma which brings them to our hospital. They suffer. My dear friend admitted her 16 year old daughter to an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehab hospital yesterday. Lots of suffering. Another has lost her husband after many years of marriage. She suffers. And my pastor is battling malignant brain cancer. Suffering.

There is a website (The Resurgence) that I love to follow. So much teaching, truth, and things to challenge my growth, that I could spend hours here. Today, I found a message from my pastor, Matt, and he is sharing a message on suffering. I have witnessed his battle and God's victory in the last year and a half as Matt fights his cancer. And I learn, am challenged, and am humbled every single time I hear him share on this subject. I pray that God's sovereignty, God's peace, and our need of Him is poured into all who happen upon this message.

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Tricia Gurley said...

That was exactly what I needed to hear today !! How awesome is God, working through you !