Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ever Learning

My children, two of whom are now grown and one almost finished with High School, rarely answered the question, "How was school today?" with any sort of satisfactory answer. It was always, "Fine" or "Boring" or "The same..." - you get the picture. So, somewhere along the way, someone suggested to me that instead of asking, "How was school today?" I ask, "What did you learn in school today?"
What a difference that made. (sometimes)
It was a way of transforming the question, to get to the answer that would really help me understand what was (sort of) going on with my kids.
Now, I find myself asking ME that question, but with a twist.
What did I learn today?
or What did I learn from that?
Today, I feel like I have learned a lot.
I have learned that even though I think I know something, I still need to be reminded. Especially when it comes to things about God - and myself - and obedience.
And I learned that I might think I know something and I really didn't know anything at all.
May I never stop being a learner.

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pam said... be teachable is so important. Hope your week is grand Liz!