Monday, February 1, 2010

Continued Change

It is Monday and I have been in my pajamas all day. (currently, it is 3:40 p.m.)
My weekend was filled with activity, mostly centered around my almost 16 year old daughter. And it involved spending lots of money...well, it felt like lots of money. We shopped for clothes, some of which were purchased with gift certificates that she received at Christmas. In addition, she chose to have her blond hair colored brown, (she was in the mood for a change!) and then we selected an expensive name brand purse for her 16th birthday present. (this is not something I wanted to select without her help, so she was invited along)
And when this morning's alarm started buzzing in my ear at 5:00 a.m., the pounding in my head lead me to make a decision....
And so I did.
I haven't done anything really, except take a nap, visit with my mom and my sister (who is having a birthday today) on the phone and played a few rounds in the online scrabble game, Lexolus. I did submit my resume to a hospital that will open 10 minutes from my home, with many prayers accompanying the submission. One of the reason's I stayed home? I just wasn't up to the 45 minute commute to work. So, the thought of working within a 10 mile radius of my house sends goosebumps down my arms with excitement!
And I have had some quiet time, some thinking time, something very, very rare for me these days.
And it has been so refreshing.
I have considered the changes that I wrote about last week and some of the ones I didn't mention.
Like, will my son and his girlfriend really get to Texas to live? They are working fervently to make a move, in fact, at one point would have been here today except that the trip was postponed. (a wise decision) If it works out, my son's girlfriend could be living in my home, and that will be a change, for us and for her... and for my son who loves her. She wants to establish Texas state residency to attend grad school. I am eager and excited to help her out, but I can't help but think about the changes that would accompany that move.
And change will occur if my husband and I actually purchase the airplane that we are thinking of buying. We have been saving and hoping for an opportunity like this for about 15 years, and it looks like it might finally be here. We should know by this time next week, but everything is in place if the airplane passes it's annual inspection (it will), the aircraft is ours. So, becoming the owners of a Piper Cub airplane feels like a big change right about now.
Last night I met with a few women who are brand new in my life. They signed up to participate in the small group meeting for women that began meeting in my home a little more than a week ago. What fun to be part of something that God is doing from the very start - a group of women with the desire to form and live in Biblical Community - starting from scratch. About eight of them knew absolutely nobody else in the room. How amazing. God has given me the task of helping this group get to know one another, learn to love one another the way He designed, and hopefully grow more like Him in the process. AGH! I am so not worthy of the assignment, but only obedient to what He has asked me to do.
So, change continues to whirl around me. Change is happening, on the verge of happening, or I am adjusting to it having already happened, in so many areas of my life.
And today, I needed to stop, stand still, and gain some footing where I currently stand.
And I guess I should get out of my pajamas before my daughter gets home from school! :)


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Your post gives me hope that the recession is over! lol!

I hope you get the job closer to home. I can't imagine a 45 minute commute.

Tracy said...

You must be talking about the new hospital here in town. When is it due to open? I've only passed it once or twice and at first I wondered what they were building but then I saw a sign and remembered I heard rumors of one coming. That'd be great if you get it! Hubby hates driving downtown, but he works from home about 2 days a week so it's a bit easier to swallow not having to do it as often.