Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today is finally here! Our family has been waiting for this day for weeks, months…really, years!

When our family moved from Virginia to the state of Texas in July 2005, we left Adam at Virginia Tech. He was only half way through his engineering degree and after much thought and discussion, it was decided that he would be best off remaining there and completing his degree. (As opposed to transferring to another university) It was a decision that tore chunks out of my momma’s heart. It was difficult when my husband and I walked down the hallway of his freshman dormitory room and left him 6 hours away, but to move half of a country away…leaving him there…??? It was almost too much to bear.

We almost changed our mind after that first Christmas (2005). School was intense for him, his Grandpa Ron passed away that fall, and his Grandma was recovering from some serious injuries. He really wanted to come home. We wanted him to come home. But, again, after much thought and discussion, it was decided that he would go back after Christmas break and finish his degree.

Graduation finally came in December 2007 and we all hoped and prayed that he would find a job in Texas. But that was proving to be a challenge since the recruiters that were available to him were filling positions on the East Coast. So, he found a job with a fantastic company – in Fairfax, Virginia. Oh well. A good job is a good thing, even in Virginia.

And It is a good job and he loves it. So we flew back and forth as often as time and money would allow. But there was a girlfriend involved now too, who was still in school, with a family who lived in Virginia.

So, we waited, and prayed – hoping that somehow he (and she) would make Texas their home.

She decided that Texas would be a great place for her to obtain her Master’s degree! (answered prayer) She moved here in April to establish state residency.

And Adam began looking for a job. He looked. And interviewed. And even had an opportunity to be hired. But he loves his current position. One morning, he approached his boss and asked if he could move to Texas. By the afternoon, he had an approval to work remotely – from Texas!

Today, he arrived! An apartment is waiting for him just 15 minutes from our family home.


It is the first time since my husband and I walked down the hall of that freshman dormitory that our entire family will be within an hours drive of one another. And that was August, year 2000!

What a happy day!

Feeling Blessed!


grey like snuffie said...

REJOICING with you!!!!!

Laura said...

OH! Rejoicing with you, LIz! Such wonderful news. I feel your mamma joy deep.

I am praying your hubs is healing up well and things are moving along that way. Still thinking of you all and such the chances of walking away from that.


Tracy said...

That's great! Who knew it'd be so easy for him to "transfer"!

H-Mama said...

Yay! I know you are excited!! :)

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

What a blessing Liz!! I have fallen in love with Dallas. Just came back again. Downtown Dallas is so beautiful compared to downtown KC. I hope life is very good to your whle family!

Believing Him~Pamela