Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yesterday I received some news that I have been waiting for.  An email was delivered to me with the results of an exam I took to complete a certification in Biblical Counseling.  Don't get too is not THAT big of a deal, but it did take over a year for me to complete the work and honestly, I am quite relieved that it is over.  Almost two years ago, the church that I attend thought it would be a great idea to equip their "Home Group Coaches" with a (level 1) Biblical Counseling certification.  It is a good idea, but what happened was that several of those who serve in this capacity found the time frame a bit more intense that what they could actually do.  Myself, and a few women barreled through (and I think about two or three couples) and the work is now complete!  Whew!

As I ponder this completion, I have to snicker to myself.  "What does this actually mean?" and "What am I really going to do with this?"  As I worked on process papers, exams, and progress notes (yes, I had to actually "counsel" someone for twelve weeks), the same questions kept rolling through my mind.  Then I would have thoughts like, "There is no way that I will pass this course.  I can't remember God's word when I am in my own in the world will I ever really apply this stuff?" But I kept working toward the goal.

I can't answer any of those questions, still.  But, I can say that I have passed the course to the glory of God and that is all that matters.  He chose me to participate.  I did not.  He provided the opportunity.  I did not seek it out.  He paid for it.  I paid nothing.  Therefore, I trust that He already knows what I will need this information for and that since He is the one who equipped me, He will give me all I need when He decides to use it. 

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