Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Once an Extrovert, always...?

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests?  You know, the one's where you are identified as extrovert or introvert, or choleric vs melancholy?  Well, I have taken several...for work, in ministry and some just for fun.  One thing has been consistent.  I am identified as extrovert, the out going one, energized by being around people.  And I never questioned it for probably 30 years... Until recently.  Can an extrovert become tired and turn into an introvert? I am starting to wonder.  Others have always commented on how I can stay so busy...go, go, go.  I never tired of being involved here, volunteering there, and meeting with so and so.  But lately, I find any excuse to just come home after work and do nothing.  Zone.  Sit in the quiet, talk to no one. I am not depressed. Honestly, I am just not interested and the the very thought of another conversation is too much for me to think about.  So, I wonder, have I been misdiagnosed all these years?  Did I simply flip over to "the other side"? Or am I just tired?  It's anyone's guess, I suppose.  But I am going to have to go with it for now.


pam said...

I'm reading this book I heard about during a sermon at our daughters church, The Critical Journey. It talks about the stages of faith. There comes a season, where I am now, that we take a journey inward. So much of the chapter on this season strikes home for me. I am not walking away from God, but after hitting a wall, I needed to know there was something more. I didn't realize that right away. For a while I was a human zombie. They say after pressing through this season of life with God our yes's will be fewer but mightier. As I have shared this with many friends, all in their 50's, they find thoughts that resound with their own lives. BUT, if you are like me you could indeed be changing as you grow in Him and are becoming more of who He created you to be. God already knows, He knows what is coming and He loves you so perfectly whether you "do' or not. Praying as you retreat a bit that you hear His voice in a new, deeper place in your spirit.

Liz said...

Pam, I will check out the book, thanks!