Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Am Not Always Right

Well, it has been nearly one year since I posted to this blog. I have given thought to giving it up, but I enjoyed posting these blog posts in the past and whether anyone reads them or not, I find the process of putting my life experiences to written word is somewhat therapeutic.

Currently, summer is in full swing.  Rebecca has completed her freshman year of college.  She did beautifully and we are very proud of her. She moved out if the dorm in the below post and moved into a different dorm room with a sorority sister in January.  I was so hesitant for her to join the sorority but I believe it has been one of the best things she has been a part of.  She is making great friends and learning much about relationships. 

Aaron enlisted in the USAF a couple of months ago and will leave for Basic Training in November.  When he first talked of doing this more than two years ago, I wasn't convinced.  But, again, I think I have been wrong and most likely, it will be one of the best things he has done. 

Adam and his wife purchased their first home several months ago and guess what?  I was not one hundred percent on board at first but they are very happy there and I absolutely love their home!  It has been a real joy to see them newly-wed and enjoying all the new things they are experiencing together.

If you really read any of the above narrative, you may have noticed a theme.  I have noticed it too and have had to work at coming to terms with that I am not always right!  Go figure! This is a lesson God has has to teach me over and over again.  I don't find this is an easy lesson but what I do whole-heartedly believe is that God is smarter than me and much more capable of taking care of my "kids" then I am. Same goes for myself, my husband, and everyone else for that matter. 

So, things are going well and I am letting God take care of things.  He has done a good job so far and I think I will keep trusting Him.  After all, I am not always right, but He is!

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Mary Ann said...

How true for me too.