Tuesday, December 4, 2007


My daughter and one of her best friends have had a few conflicts (over 8th grade sort of stuff) the last couple of weeks. They are both good at working through these conflicts, but they are a little worn out from all the drama. Tonight, they wrote a treaty. I ran across an unsigned copy and found it entertaining and worth sharing. At any age, here are some things that should be agreed upon between friends.

Peace Treaty of the B.F.F.L.'s

Number One:
Never get mad at each other without laying down all the facts and getting each other's point of view.

Number Two:
There is no reason to get mad at somebody if they don't wait for you. Just catch up! If they ask you to though, that is a different story.

Number Three:
Never cancel each other's plans or overlap them with something else. Write them down if you have to!

Number Four:
Never talk about each other to anybody behind anybody's back. If you do, it cannot be serious: it will have to be an innocent joke.

Number Five:
Always tell each other we love them after any conversation on the phone, messenger, or on Myspace, even if we are pissed. We have to constantly remind each other that we care.


Anonymous said...

Wow! They worked that out themselves? Fabulous.

Lizerd said...

Yep, they wrote the treaty and signed it! I thought it was great!