Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Love of Writing

Since I started keeping this blog, there have been a lot of comments made to me about my writing. Almost all of them have been positive, most of them complimenting my ability to put my thoughts to words. I am a little embarrassed by these compliments, but I take them with a thank you.

It does make me think about writing. Why do I love to write? I could write all day long if I had something to write about. And when I do have something to write about, there is an urgency in my brain to get it down on paper (or web). Some people don't like to write. They think it is difficult and I tell them it is easy...just talk. I usually type out one of these blogs in 10 minutes or so. They come together quickly since the thought has already been born. I don't always know where they will go, but there is usually a theme, or a message, or even just the need to get something off my chest. Writing is cool.

My grandmother was an English teacher. If I remember right, one of the subjects she taught was literature. She must have enjoyed writing, or at least appreciated it. Maybe it is genetic. I always made good grades in my writing classes. And it has always bugged me when I read something that is not well written.

Over the years, I have been encouraged by various people to keep writing. Keep practicing. My mom is a one of my biggest encourager's. She has given me books to read, and told me about books to read that will take me further into my joy of writing. And of course she gives me positive feed back, as you might notice on some of the comments on this blog.

There is also another person in my life that made a big and positive impact on my continued writing. He was my pastor and friend for many years. He encouraged me and complimented my writing. I always believed him and appreciated the positive feedback that I received from him. Even if he was upset with me, he never took back the good things he had to say about my ability to communicate in writing. One of the biggest gifts he ever gave me was the assignment to put together (or write) some Bible study curriculum along with a couple of other ladies. I loved writing the material. It encouraged me enough to put together another training piece later down the road. One time, he made a random suggestion about me writing devotionals. I will never forget it because the thought excited me. His comments have never left me. I don't know if I ever really thanked him. But he encouraged me in something that I love to do, something that is a dream of mine.

I don't know where it will ever go beyond this blog, but I will never tire of writing.

Thanks for reading.

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