Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Perfect Husband (for me)

It seems that I have had several opportunities lately to really appreciate the man that I married. We have been together for over 27 years. Yes, we were but babes when we started dating. Even though I would not change a thing about how and when we met, the fact that we were only 18 and 21 when we fell in love has added to some of the challenges that we have faced over the years. I did not believe all the advise that was thrown our way about the difficulties that couples face when committing to one another at ages so young. I felt that I was quite mature and knew what I was getting into. Well, it wasn't exactly what I imagined and it has been a little difficult at times. Now, here is where the appreciation really comes into place. I realize now that many of the difficulties that we faced were brought on by my own immaturity. Me?? Immature? I wouldn't have thought so 27 years ago! But I had some ideas in my head about husbands that my immature self couldn't seem to find in the husband I married. So, I did what many women do, I compared. "If MY husband would only act like THAT husband, then..." Then God would step in and show me something about this other husband that I knew I could not possibly live with. This has happened a couple of different times. Just when I thought I found a guy that I could introduce my husband to, for him to become friends with, so that maybe he would rub off on my husband, I would discover something that made me want to keep my dear husband away from that man so that he would not pick up any bad habits! Whew! Close call and what a stupid idea! And the more time that I spent with different friends and their families, the more I realized that I might have married a nearly perfect man.

A few nights ago I was out with a group of ladies for a birthday celebration. Husbands came up. (don't they always?) It was not a man bash by any means since a few of us are walking with Christ and know that He is not pleased with that type of talk, but there was a woman who is in the process of preparing for a divorce. Matter of factly, the reason for the divorce was disclosed. yuk. Mean man. I appreciated my husband. Someone else made the comment that in more than a decade of marriage, she never received a birthday present from her (now former) husband. I was thinking...that really stinks.... and I appreciated my husband again. I get presents...fabulous presents...AND least once! When the conversation was toward the end, someone summarized that men just might be pigs. I locked eyes with my good friend, who knows my husband. She was waiting for me to speak up and I quickly said, "Well, not all men!" My friend affirmed my comment, stating for all to hear that I had a good one. (she was the one who never got a birthday gift from her x-husband) I agreed, again, thankful for my husband. So, we took turns talking about some of the things that make good and wonderful husbands. I said that I was certainly keeping mine.

It seems that over and over again, whenever I think that my husband has a flaw or two, that God points out what a tremendously loving husband I have! He shares all household chores, cooking included. He buys me gifts. He takes me on dates...even double dates when he would rather be alone and he knows I am feeling social. He lets me pick the movies we see. He goes with me early when I go to church and waits while I greet. He sits and waits and saves me the best seat in the house. He encourages me in my friendships. He gets to know my friends and likes them. He flirts with them (I love this about him because he does it in front of me and it is fun.) His father was just diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. My husband did not blink an eye....just went to be with his family. I appreciate this because it shows how much he cares and loves. He cleans up the house, turns on music and lights a candle when he knows I have had a hard day. He even pours me a glass of wine and it will be waiting for me when I arrive home.

I really think that I might be married to one of the best guys in the world. He certainly is the best guy for me. I sure do appreciate him! He might be perfect!

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Wow! You'd better hang on to him!