Sunday, December 2, 2007


'Tis the season for gift giving. In my last post, I commented that I would strive to give gifts out of love, not entitlement. So, I have been thinking about the people that I love, the gifts that I think they will love, and even about those people who don't have anyone to love or it seems no one loves them. The nursing home resident's gift went out today. Rebecca proudly carried it to the drop off location at our church this morning. And as I signed on to my computer this evening, she was standing over my shoulder as I read an email about a family that my Home Team is adopting for Christmas. Our agreed amount to spend per family is $125.00 and when Rebecca read that, she exclaimed, "Wow! That's a lot of money!" So, I had another opportunity to share with her about how fortunate we are and how so many people cannot even pay their bills, much less think about buying gifts for their children. She thought this over and agreed with the amount that we were giving for one child. What a wonderful moment, to see her make the transformation from the one who was, last week, nearly demanding a Wii game system to a person who was thinking of the angels on the tree at her school and her fellow classmates (whose names she doesn't know) who will be helped out by the student counsil, which she is part of. Thank you, God! She is seeing needs. She is looking beyond herself! I know that her selfishness will kick back in as mine does, but she is beginning to things from a different perspective! Hooray!

And I am left to ponder the question, "How much is TOO much to spend on a gift?" As my daughter and I discussed the $125 sum, I told her about how much I expected to spend on she and her brothers. She didn't gasp at that amount.

I think of a friend of mine who had a birthday recently. She was given a gift that really wasn't her taste by another family member. As she opened the gift, a comment was made that it was not the first thing that had been considered, but it was a better price to pay for the gift. Also,a description of the gift that was passed up by the giver was made along with the comment, "It was $XX.xx! I am not going to waste that much money for that!" Knowing my friend as I do, the original gift considered would have been much more appreciated and used by my friend (and it wasn't really that expensive). Plus, the comment hurt her feelings. I can understand why. Is the purchase of a gift ever a WASTE of money when it comes to loved ones? I don't even think buying the Wii game system for my 13 year old daughter would have been a WASTE of money, just not fully appreciated under the circumstances.

I am so glad that God did not think the gift of His son was not too high a price to pay for me. I know I am undeserving and even don't even always fully appreciate His gift, but WOW, I am ever so thankful that He paid the price. I know that I disappoint Him, I don't live up to His hopes and dreams for me, but I don't think He would ever think that it was a waste! I pray that I will keep HIS attitude in gift giving. No amount of money is a waste when it comes to giving out of love. And whether it be to my children who expect gifts at this time of year, or whether to a stranger who may get very little or nothing otherwise, let me never, ever make anyone feel that the money spent was a waste.

Lord, let the gifts that I give be filled with your spirit of giving and your love. Thank you for your beautiful example!

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