Friday, April 9, 2010


It is Friday - again! Last weekend went by so quickly! The week was a whirlwind of activity and transition. My son flew back to his home in Northern Virginia but his girlfriend stayed in Texas to start a new job. She is living with our family and it has been a great week. She has been a trouper as she tries to figure out our crazy family's schedule, pet-peeves, and communication style. She has eaten American food every day (she prefers Vietnamese) and not complained once. The bathroom sharing has worked well between she and Lovely Daughter, except the hair clogging up the bathtub. This will hopefully be remedied that that Mr. Husband is aware of it.

And I am just thrilled that it is Friday and another weekend upon me! (I need it!)

To start things off, I will play my favorite blogging game, Friday Fill Ins! Not sure why I like to do this - but I find it to be a fun and easy challenge!

So, here we go....

1. In 1992, I was in Wichita, Kansas, praying that we would get pregnant with another child. (which happened, but not until 1993)

2. Watching children fill my life with laughter and smiles.

3. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are planted.

4. Mexico is where I'd like to be.

5. The trees and flowers are telling me Spring has sprung!

6. I feel like the battery that just keeps going on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting my grocery shopping out of the way on the way home from work and then some DOWN time at home, tomorrow my plans include cycle class in the morning, shopping with my son's girlfriend in the afternoon, and a shrimp & crab boil party with my husband in the evening and Sunday, I want to to to worship services at my great church, spend some time getting ready for Women's Home Group on Sunday night and meeting the new ladies who are going to be in attendence!

Blessings to you this beautiful spring weekend!

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