Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project 365

Since I am not taking a photo a day these days, I am thinking of changing the name of my photo project! Maybe Project 52?
Representing photos of my day to day life -
at least every week!
ha ha
I will think about it.
In the meantime,

Here is what I was up to last week!

When Fred and I moved to Texas, there was a mesquite tree beside our pool. It died the first winter we were here. The following spring, we planted this Redbud tree in it's place.
It is my favorite flowering tree, and represents our home state of Oklahoma.
This spring it looks really great!

For some reason, I always hesitate to plant bulbs. I think it is because we have moved around enough that I fear having to leave behind beautiful, mature, plants!
I don't know.
Selfish, I guess.
But, I did purchase and plant some daffodils this past year.
The wind was blowing fiercely as I tried to photograph the first blooms.

And these?
Well...these are the peonies that I would not, could not leave behind when we moved from Virginia. I am amazed every spring when they begin to come up. Peonies are not supposed to like Texas! But these do!
Oh, I can't wait to see them and sniff them when they are in bloom next month!

Another new experience...
my pansies made it through the entire winter!
Even with the absurd amount of snow that sat on them for many days!
Normally, I would be eager to pull them out of these pots and plant spring flowers, but they are so happy right now!
So, I am going to wait a couple more weeks.

(more later...really!)

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H-Mama said...

Yay! Liz has a 365 post! ;) Beautiful flowers.