Monday, April 12, 2010


I love trying L.L. Barkat's poetry prompts.
Sometimes I read them, think about them and nothing comes to mind.
Then, every so often I am brave enough to try one.
This one caught my attention because of the title, "How to Write a Poem" - and I thought...
"that's just what I need, instruction!"
Here is what she says,
"But we have to begin somewhere. Nobody wakes up and becomes Keats or Yeats, or the bard of Beowulf, in a day. Begin with a single sentence, or a phrase. Use a memory or something you see. Maybe pick up a few cool words from someone else's poems and play with them like a kid with a mudpie. Don't worry about what you're going to end up with."

I was at lunch when I read her poetry prompt, so, sitting at my desk, I scribbled on a note pad the first thing I saw...scattered paperwork, and ended up with a poem about retirement. Ha ha!
Here it is:


Pages scattered
mind the same
jailed, restrained.

Sore from pushing
against the chains

taut with tension
until it pops
and freedom reigns

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