Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Fun - Formerly Project 365

April is finally slowing down
and it has been a great month.
A month of celebration,
and challenges.
A photo a day did not happen, but photos were taken several times a week at the most memorable times.
Starting with one below!

My friend, Tricia, was baptized (by Marla and myself) on Palm Sunday!
Here we are.
Don't you know the angels were singing?

We went out to eat lunch to celebrate Tricia's baptism. Fred and I parked next to this pick-up truck. It was so funny that we took a picture. Only in Texas!

My son, Adam, and his girlfriend Thien, arrived in Texas Saturday before Easter!
We are were so excited to have them here for the weekend.
I thought as the kids grew into adulthood that the Easter baskets would decrease...
but this was our table on Easter morning!
More baskets than we have ever had!

The Easter Bunny searched high and low for this particular fingernail polish for Rebecca's basket. It is an O.P.I. color - Mad as a Hatter - from the Alice in Wonderland collection and it is already out of production. I don't know if she knows that it was like a little nugget of gold tucked away in her Easter basket.

(left to right)
Sofia, Aaron, Rebecca, Josh, Adam, and Thien
Here is the reason the table was full of baskets.
EVERYONE was here for Easter Sunday!
Aren't they the best looking group of "kids" you ever saw?
We think so!

Adam flew back the Tuesday after Easter and Thien stayed behind.
She is living with us while she works at her new job and establishes residency in the state of Texas so that she can go to grad school.
One of the American foods that she was leery of but that Adam likes is chicken pot pie.
So, I made it for her.
We did alter it a little as she was very nervous about chicken in a pie shell, so we used crescents instead - this time.
And then we took a picture for Adam to see. (he was quite envious)
And Thien liked it!

Prom is just around the corner and we shopped for a prom dress for Rebecca!
We were successful.
I think I can post this is close enough to prom.
Of course more pictures to follow but we found a dress that fits her as if it were made only for her.

Fred and I were able to get away on a date (double date with our best friends) the weekend after Easter. A local Mexican restaurant was having a "soft opening" and we had an invitation. We had a great time sampling the food and drinks that were served!
Here's to Agave Azul in Flower Mound!

One of the really fun things about having Thien here is fingernails!
Yes, she is a certified nail technician but the best part is she is also an artist.
So, every new nail application will include a floral design. She tells me every one will be different. I thought it would be fun to photograph each design.
This is nail design #1

My gift to her, as a home coming gift, is this squarish vase.
She loves things in the shape of a square or rectangle.
Her first week here was celebrated with these flowers which she put in her room to make it feel "homey".

Thien has agreed to prepare Monday night meals.
It is fun having someone to cook an entire meal and really fun to have new things.
She is really such an artist...even her meals are beautiful.
This was last week!

My sister and niece accompanied my mom on a trip to visit from Tulsa.
Here is Kristin, my niece, and Rebecca and Thien.
They were entertaining Kristin.

We took Kristin and Lynn (my sister) to the mall.
Here is Kristin riding the carousel at Grapevine Mills Mall.

Even in the midst of all this fun at home, I was able to sneak away for an afternoon with a couple of my best friends! We had a fantastic day of shopping!

Feeling quite blessed!


Lelia Chealey said...

How fun! I am SO glad you didn't drive Kelley & I around in a truck like that one! I don't think I would've gotten in! lol. I miss you Liz!!! Can't wait to see the pics of prom.
Love to you!!!

grey like snuffie said...

special baptism...funny make GREAT Easter the kids picture...beautiful girl in a lovely prom dress...LOVE the picture of you and your hubby....glory..I so do not get how they can get so creative in such tiny spaces as vase...amazing looking meal...looks like a GRAND month indeed.

H-Mama said...

Seriously. Only in Texas. Love it! Great week, Liz!