Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The last two days, our family has been doing a lot of celebrating. On June 11, our oldest son, Adam, turned 23, and today our middle son, Aaron, turned 20. Both of them have chosen to spend time with family, their celebration of choice. So, we spent a whole day cooking a hamburger and hot dog feast, swimming in the pool...after dark and with a swimming pool disco ball. (very cool pool toy) As I sat back and watched my two grown children and the one who is 13, hang out, play board games, swim, laugh, play, eat, and just spend time together in the kitchen, on the porch and in the pool, I am SO thankful that our two adult kids chose to spend time in that way to celebrate. Aaron's girlfriend, Amy, was also here. She fits right in and everyone loves her. It is such a wonderful blessing to have a family who enjoys being together, by choice, not out of obligation, to celebrate special events in our lives.
Family. What a cool thing. God's way of giving us best friends...built right into our lives and so easy to spend time with when we like each other! It makes sense that I would love to spend time with my husband, and that I would talk to him about most everything. This is a great thing! Also, my mom is one of my very best friends. I don't know if I would enjoy my life nearly as much without my mom. And recently, I realize that I really, really like my kids. They are fun to talk to. They are open and honest. They laugh at me and they make me laugh. I am very grateful that I actually enjoy my kids. They are cool. My favorite way to come home is to spend time with my kids, talking to them about their day. My favorite way to end the day is the same. Well...I like going to sleep with my husband :) - but it is cool to have good conversation with my kids. What a blessing - Family!

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Mary Ann Duncan said...

lovely! thanks for the compliment too. mom