Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Texas weather

I am confused. I was under the understanding that Texas summer weather was dry and warm, most days. I also understood that Texas had rather frequent thunderstorms (REAL thunderstorms for those of you who have never lived in the southern mid-west) that usually hit in the spring and summer. But frequent???? I sit here this morning, listening to the thunder, strong wind, and rain hit my windows. This has to be the 60th storm in 62 days that has hit where I live in the great state of Texas! We have had too much rain!
When it rains in Texas, it floods. The ground is so flat here, there are no valleys or ravines for the water to run into, so it simply stands, and gets higher and higher. It is dangerous. Even a small shower will cause the roads to be hazardous due to standing water.
And my commute into Dallas today! Let's not even talk about the time it will take to drive, in the rain, into Dallas. Nothing will be going on except the rain. The cars will be going slow, which makes sense, but stopped? Stopped. And for no apparent reason. Just stopped. In the rain. On the highway.
So, on that note, I should get in my car and make that trip in the rain, happily. We are no longer in a drought! And I will have extra time to listen to my new Bon Jovi CD! I won't have to wash my car again today!
Texas weather. Not quite what I expected.


Adam said...

I feel your pain! Although, thankfully, the rain stopped by the time I left for work. The commute wasn't very bad at all.

Lizerd said...

Yeah, it wasn't bad. I was worried for nothing. Now let's see what happens this afternoon!