Friday, June 29, 2007


As I review the past week, it seems that I have experienced several "firsts". None of these happenings are really worth "writing home" about, if you will, but they are "firsts", nonetheless.
I flew to spend the weekend in Tulsa. I wanted to spend some time with my mom and also with my niece who turned two a few days before. Going to Tulsa was not a "first" nor was spending time with my mom, but what was a "first" was going shopping with her to buy gifts for my niece and her granddaughter. That was fun. It seems we both had a bunch of fun buying presents for this beautiful two year old in our family. It was a "first", and it seemed sort of important some how. Then I left Tulsa on an airplane and left my daughter with her grandmother....all by herself. This was also a "first". My sons have spent over a decade of periodic visits to Grandma's all by themselves, usually traveling by airplane from Virginia where they grew up. Due to Rebecca's age then, I had to accompany her during her visits. However, this year, I departed, and left her there to spend a few more days alone with Grandma. I was hoping, of course, that they would establish a deeper grandmother/granddaughter relationship, which did seem to occur. Then the other "first" was Rebecca made her "first" flight as an unaccompanied minor. Now, the flight itself is not real long, but she did experience some flying challenges. She had to wait on the runway for nearly two hours before taking off - probably due to an elderly gentleman walking through a door without proper security clearance. She handled it very well and came home very cheerful about her adult accomplishment.
Another "first" was my first root canal. Whew! What an experience! I am what the dental world calls- a "clencher and grinder". One of the ways that I deal with stress is to clench and grind my teeth in my sleep. This is not a good way of dealing with stress. One of the consequences to such behavior is fractured teeth, of which I know have five!! In the past six weeks, I have spent nearly 14 hours in various dental chairs. Without going into the long, drawn out story, yesterday was the "first" day that a long awaited and several times attempted root canal was accomplished! Hooray! Now, I am in a fair amount of pain due to the banging on my tooth that had to occur to have a crown removed prior the the root canal...and a "first" it was to see an endodontist and have this particular procedure. The circumstances surrounding my tooth were also a "first" for my general dentist and also my endodontist, which won me the nickname- in both offices -as "problem child" since I was a "first" for both of them. It is also the "first" time I have been given such a nickname from people who provide my dental care! Ha!
Another "first" was... I invited someone to a Fellowship church Bible Study - and she came! It was her "first" Bible Study ever! WOW! What a great "first" to be a part of. I also realized that it was the "first" time that I have ever attended a Bible Study in some one's home and I did not know anyone at all....except for the one person that I invited....who did not know anyone either. This whole thing is a "first". It is a new phase in my life, and I continue to find my place and my way in this new arena of what God is doing around me! It is a "first" and unlike anything I have experienced before...the way He is teaching me, the way He is using me, the places He is putting me and the the things He is asking of me...all "firsts". Exciting!
It was also the "first" time that Adam was invited to join his father in the man cave...the garage! They did the guy thing, hanging out in the garage together, piddling with the cars, listening to music, and doing the guy thing. That was cool and a "first".
Life is full of experiences, and even at 45 years old, there are still so many things that I haven't done and so many things that I want to do. My mom and I booked our "first" cruise this week. Something we have both always wanted to do...a cruise, and it will be a "first". It will be a "first" cruise for both of us and also the "first" mother daughter vacation! This is cool. It will be both of our "first" time in Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel too!
I love "firsts"! I think it is great fun to experience new things!

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