Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving - My husband

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded from every direction to think about the things we are thankful for. Emails go around, radio programs are directing our minds toward thankfulness, even advertisements hint of thanksgiving. Although I try to make thankfulness part of my daily living, this time of year does cause me to give additional thought to the many ways that I am blessed.

One of those blessing is that I have a great husband who treats me well. He loves me and wants what is best for me. He even will sometimes give in to me and allow me to do what is not best for me (like over-eat) and not give me a hard time. He looks for ways that he can make me happy, provide for me financially, emotionally, and physically. ;) If I am tired, he makes sure that I rest, if I am hungry, he makes sure that I eat, and if I am broke, he makes sure that I don't spend! Seriously, he is a wonderful husband.

He is also a wonderful father. He loves our children with the same kind of love. He makes sure that they have everything they need. He even makes sure that they have enough of what they want....but not too much. He teaches them about responsibility, work ethic, and love. I watched him yesterday, take on an entire project for Aaron. Aaron had some puzzles that he wanted to display in his bedroom. Fred went shopping, purchased everything necessary to get the puzzles framed and on his wall. There were many other chores that could have been taken care of, but Fred made this a priority. He did not ask for help. He gave of himself, a gift to his son, free and for fun.

As a father and a husband he is also very gentle. In twenty seven years, I have rarely heard him raise his voice. Especially when it comes to his relationship with our kids. He disciplines in love, and most of the time with extreme patience. (sometimes he is so kind it annoys me!) It is clear when he "really means it", but rage is not something that is in his character. He is
even-tempered and kind. He genuinely wants the best for his family and he knows that fury, yelling, and hateful words damage people. He has never damaged our children in this way. I cannot come close to expressing my gratitude and thankfulness for this.

So, as thanksgiving approaches, I have to express sincere thankfulness toward the man that I married. He is a beautiful example of self sacrifice and love.

More posts on thanksgiving soon........I have so much to be thankful for. This is one of many.

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