Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving - My Kids

I am thankful for my kids. My husband and I have been blessed with three of the best kids that anyone could ask for.

Our oldest son, Adam, is 23 years old. I am thankful for the fact that he is about to graduate from Virginia Tech! He chose a career path when he was in High School, Computer Engineering, and he has stuck with it ever since. He selected his university based on his degree program knowing that he would get one of the best educations available in his field. I am so proud of him. I am thankful that he has stuck with it. I am also thankful that he is the kind of guy that enjoys being around his family. I love my relationship with him because it is so easy to talk to him. He is easy going and fun to be around.

Aaron is our middle child, and is 20 years old. I am thankful for Aaron because he is very caring. He looks out for the people that he cares about, always making sure that we are safe and doing the right thing. His career path is a good choice for enforcement. Now, I am not sure that I am thankful for this choice, but I am thankful that he selected something that he seems to be passionate about. I am thankful that he is going to college before going into the police academy. I am also thankful that he has a wonderful girlfriend, Amy, whom he has been going out with for more than a year now. They are good for each other, get along well, and balance one another out beautifully. I am thankful for this.

The baby of the family is Rebecca and at 13, looks like she is 21. I am thankful because our relationship is open and she tells me everything. Well, she says she tells me everything and at this point, I pretty much believe her. I hear all the sagas of friends, boys, the joys and woes of junior high. She is entertaining, open, and understands her feelings. I am grateful that she is less emotional than I am and when her feelings get hurt, she is quick to forgive. (with all but one friend...that one took a year!) If we stay on the track we are on, we will be good friends as she gets older, which is something I desire tremendously. I love the fact that we are starting to understand one another and that our relationship has true substance.

I am SO thankful for all three of these kids. It is wonderful watching them grow into adults, to see how their personalities have developed. They are becoming interesting adults, with things that they enjoy and pursue on their own, without prompting and prodding by me, or Fred, or a teacher. I love having conversations with them...each of them being different in personality, but each of them interesting and mature in their communication. They are honest. They have integrity. They all love God.

I have great kids!

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