Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project 365 Week 22

A belated Project 365 posting.
Time has gotten away from me...

Monday, October 12
This is a photo of Coco-nut.
He is my daughter's albino parakeet.
He is also very happy in this photo because his cage was very clean
and his food and water were fresh.

Tuesday, October 13
It seems that Rebecca didn't have any long sleeve shirts.

Wednesday, October 14
Rebecca and her boyfriend made rice crispy treats.
There is a more entertaining photo of them preparing them, but Josh didn't want me to use it.

Thursday, October 15
This is Rusty, our nearly 14 year old dog.
He misses having all the "kids" around.
Rebecca is the only one who lives at home now, and when she is gone, he doesn't know
what to do.
So, he sleeps on her mess, I mean, belongings, until she returns home.

Friday, October 16
This is a terrible picture, but there is a transient in between the cars.
This is the exit that I take to get to my office, and it is about 7:15 a.m.
This man is here every couple of weeks.
He will just walk up to the cars and it is sort of scary.
I have seen the police ask him to move before but since he doesn't appear to be of full, sound mind, I don't think he really cares so much that it is illegal.
I feel sad when I see him and I just pray.

Saturday, October 17
It is Band Competition time!
(like football season isn't enough?)
I chaperoned the trip; which means I ride one of the dozen school buses that transport the band students to the competition.
It is really sort of fun.

And the "score board" as our High School was announced.
They scored all "ones"...which is the the score they want.

The performance
Sunday, October 18
If you know me, you know I DO NOT bake.
I haven't in years.
But...we invited our daughter's boyfriend's parents over for coffee and dessert.
Rebecca suggested something chocolate or cheesecake - ie.
These are chocolate, cream-cheese cupcakes.
They were very good!


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grey like snuffie said...

Every winter we hear the same thing..."I have no sweaters, I have no long sleeve shirts". I still have things from last does it happen that our youngest NEVER does. :o) Love that your old dog sleeps on her stuff.