Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project 365 Week 21

This project is getting more and more difficult.
Honestly, I feel like some days, all I do is drive to work, work, drive home, cook, and get ready for bed.
Which is one of the reasons that I started this project.
This week, I missed some shots while falling into that rut.
We celebrated boss's day on Wednesday and had a lovely lunch.
I didn't even think to take a photo.
I don't even remember Thursday.
Oh, Rebecca was sick.

So, here is what did get captured, with a couple of fill-In's for the days I missed.

Monday, October 5
On Sunday, in the car with Rebecca and Josh, I mentioned I wanted to make chili in the crock-pot. I did. And Josh was invited to try some. I think he enjoyed it. Rebecca enjoyed having him...she actually took this picture.

Tuesday, October 6
I actually watched television...but it was really on Monday. (cheating)
I have decided I am going to watch "House". I have watched almost zero television for almost 15 years. I have decided to watch one show a week.
Rebecca took this photo too.

This is a photo of a spider that I took while on a walk.
I thought he was really cool.

And this was the first color change I saw all season, and I saw it in Missouri, not Texas.

Friday, October 9
It was middle school night at the football game. Rebecca was so excited because when she was in 8th grade, she was a "Band Aid" in the 6th grade flute class. She got to see "her" students.
The middle school students played in the stands while the high school students prepared for the half time show.

Which was outstanding.
They placed 4th in competition on Saturday for overall performance.
Woodwinds placed 1st place, so did the drill team (that is them under the blanket of gold)

Saturday, October 10
While Rebecca was at Band Competition all day, I decided to do some work around the house. If you read my Friday Fill-In's, you would notice that one thing I wanted to do was clean the linen closet. If you look at the picture, you can see why! It was totally out of control!
While I was cleaning the closet, I decided I would put the flannel sheets on Rebecca's bed, which lead to my cleaning of her entire cleaning - all bedding washed, bird-cage cleaned (free of charge by mom), all clothes, washed, dried, and put away, (free organizing of the drawers while at it!), and some slight rearranging of furniture.

Sunday, October 11
Well, the Cowboys won - FINALLY!
And my dad and Glena (his wife) came over for a short visit. They brought "fall harvest".
I love it!
I think we will make some squash soup!
And Thien (my son's girlfriend) would love to be here...home made pickled ocra!
So, for me, this eyes are open to new things!
Determined to find something every day to photograph!

Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures taken by your daughter! By far the best ever!

-A Mystery Viewer


Billy Coffey said...

Those were SO good. Loved the spider one especialy. Yes, I'm a guy.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great pictures. I enjoyed them.