Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Day At Dallas Cowboys Stadium

What a fun day!
FMHS went to the District Playoffs
and they were held at the new
Dallas Cowboys Stadium!
Here are a few highlights from our day!
(too bad winning the game was not one of them...but oh well!)

Me and my hubby's best friend...walking in!
Do we look excited??

It was SO cool to see our Jaguar placed on the Cowboys field!
Our football players run through this big blow up thing to enter the field at all games.

Here is our baby girl, playing her flute at the game!

And here is our best friend's son getting ready to play his tuba.
Steven is a Senior this year - how fun for him to get to come to the new stadium!

Rebecca's boyfriend and his trumpet...just getting ready to play!

Our Jaguar Marching Band on the field.
And the gigantic and famous television screen.
This screen is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Touchdown by the Jaguars on the Big Screen!

Isn't she sweet?
The cutest fan in the stands!

Me and my hubby, Fred, in the stands!

Fred and Dan waiting for me to catch up.
I was on a photo taking frenzy!


grey like snuffie said...

WOW...that is quite the Texan's do EVERYTHING SO BIG....I didn't know that high schools had those fancy blow up things for the players to run through. CRAZY I tell guys are

Laura said...

Too cool, Liz! You are always into something, lady. I'm with Pam...this is BIG stuff!