Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365 Week 26

Another week has now passed and that means another week of photos!
I did not forget any photographs this week!
So, here we go, my week in photographs...
Monday, November 9
Our friend, Jim, is a pilot for Airtran. Every now and then he gets to Dallas and his
lay-over is long enough for us to visit with him.
Monday, he was here so Fred and I met up with him at his hotel.

Tuesday, November 10
I rarely wear dresses anymore, but I did on Tuesday and Rebecca took a picture of me.

Wednesday, November 11
You can find me here several times a week, but my favorite is Wednesday.
I take a couple of different cycle classes during the week, but Wednesday is the one I like
the best. The instructor, Randy, works us really hard!
What's funny is, I have been coming to this gym for almost two years and never noticed the
Star of Texas on this sign!

Thursday, November 12
It was really foggy this morning when I was driving to work.
This is at a stop sign on the road I take to get on the Highway.

Friday, November 13
Lucky day for me!
The Pampered Chef that I ordered arrived! Yay!
I had a "book party" which means I asked my friends to order with me so that I could get the hostess gifts and discounts. We all got a lot of good stuff!

Saturday, November 14
Too many pictures from this day, so there is an entire post with more of these below!
But, here are a couple more of my favorites of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!
Above is a photo of outside the stands, in the entry/lobby area from the main entrance.
This is about on the third level. Texas Rangers Stadium is directly behind me.
(see below)

Here is one of the Party rooms. Look at the lights! They are shaped like footballs!

This place is so cool!

Sunday, November 15
Grocery shopping today resulted in a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers.
My birthday is this week, so I bought them to celebrate!

Have a wonderful week!


Letters From Midlife said...

I really enjoyed the photos! Good for you for buying yourself flowers.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Happy Birthday.

You look great in that dress...very nice and classy with the boots.

That is a riot that you never noticed the star after two years of attending the gym. I am so enviously of gals like you who are faithful to exercising and the gym.
Sweet blessings, Liz.

Anonymous said...

Texas Rangers*

Liz said...

@Anonymous! Thanks! I fixed it!