Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project 365 Week 25

Week 25!

Monday, November 2
It was my friend, Tricia's, birthday.
We went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants!
Sadly, it will be our last time to eat here because it is closing! The beach theme seems to be seasonal in Texas. They have an outdoor eating space that was really popular in warm weather, but they could not maintain solid business in the winter months!
What a bummer!
Tuesday, November 3
My favorite spot at the local mall.

Wednesday, November 4
After a solid month of rain, it is so nice to see the sun shine through these trees in my front yard!

And wonderful to see the sun shine across my front porch!

Thursday, November 5
Surprise visitors for dinner!
My son, Aaron - who would not give a real smile for the photo (being silly, not mean) and his friend, Larry. Larry has spent the night in my house several times, but I have never had the opportunity to speak to him. (I was asleep when he came and he was asleep when I left)
We had dinner together on Thursday before my pottery class.
What a pleasant surprise!

Friday, November 6
Senior Night at FMHS
Our best friends, Dan & Lori, and their senior son, Steven.
Our last football game was sort of sad and happy at the same time!
Saturday, November 7
Months ago, I began a collage that was to represent my life.
I didn't finish it at the time, but I took time this afternoon to complete it!
I love it.
I hung it in my bathroom (I know, seems odd...but I like it)
to remind myself of blessings and goals.

Sunday, November 8
This is what it looks like every week when my husband and I attend worship services at
The Village Church.
We, The Village Church, are about ready to move into our new building.
I wanted to capture one of the last weekends that we will worship here.
This building has a lot of special meaning in my life.

Hope your week was as blessed as mine!

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