Monday, January 18, 2010

As Myself?

Thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr., today and the impact that he made in our nation. Good stuff and I am glad that he was bold and courageous enough to step out and make a difference.
As thoughts about equality, human rights, and prejudice have tossed around in my mind, there is one verse in the Bible that continues to pop into my head.

Love your neighbor as yourself.
Romans 13:9
Isn't that what we call, "The Golden Rule"?
As a follower of Christ, the Bible is the standard that I use in how I live my life, or it should be. In every situation and every circumstance, God's word is to determine how I behave. This means that my feelings don't get to determine my actions and reactions. And if scripture is my standard, then love has to be the law.

God is love. Love is the reason that we have a savior. And it is because of love, God's love, that we should love others...all others. Love is not a feeling, it is not a mushy emotion that gives us warm fuzzies in our tummies. Love is an action that takes commitment and effort in treating others the way God treats us. And as we learn to treat others like we would like to be treated (with respect, kindness, mercy, and grace) we will find out that we are becoming more like God! And that's a happy thing!

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