Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In just a few hours I will be on an airplane to start the highly anticipated trip to Virginia. I covet your prayers for safety, but more importantly that I will follow God as He leads me into closure and healing while I am there. Much pain is associated with this trip that I have worked on letting go of since my relocation to Texas. In fact, the pain had almost clouded my memories enough to cause me forget the wonderful and beautiful things that happened while I lived there. I look forward to rejoicing over the wonderful friends that have remained loyal, loving, and supportive and they walked with me on this journey. I look forward SO MUCH to the beach time with my family and close friend, Tina, who will join me there. I am eager and excited to enjoy the rides at Busch Gardens, where we spent day after day for many years, remembering many lovely memories with many different friends as we screamed, and ran, and roller-coastered our way through fun times together.

I pray for the many situations that I leave in God's care while I am away. My mother is recovering from recent surgery.

My father in law is battling cancer, going to treatments every day.

My dear friend, Ashley, who is caring for her husband who took a 30 feet fall from a tree on Saturday.

My other sweet friend, Kim, who lost her job yesterday.

And many other circumstances that I am lifting up in prayer as I leave for this trip. If you would, please join me in lifting all of this up to the mighty God who cares for all of us with a love we cannot even imagine.

See you in a week..........


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