Monday, June 2, 2008


The month has arrived - it is June. I love the month of June. For those of us in Texas, school will be finished in a couple of days. The official start of summer, when school lets out as well as the calendar acknowledges "First Day of Summer" on the 21st. Students and parents anticipate this part of the year and when it arrives there seems to be great relief.

My mother celebrates her birthday in June. Now both of my son's celebrate their birthdays in June as well; in fact, the oldest one shares his grandmother's birthday and the middle one is the following day. Three years ago, my sister gave birth to the only niece on my side of the family. Celebrating the births of all of these very special people in my life make June almost as fun as Christmas and certainly as expensive. Our family spends a fair amount of time anticipating and planning for these birthdays. I am very happy that June falls six months after Christmas, it gives me time to save up again.

However, before all the festivities, my mom will be having another surgery. Her leg is still not healed from the wreck two and a half years ago. The hardware that holds it together has come apart (again). So, back into surgery she goes, for more hardware and another bone graft. The anticipation is huge...will the surgery go well? will her leg heal this time? will she walk?

This year, I have been especially excited for June because my half sister is getting married. Her wedding will be in Kansas, in a city where my family lived for several years. So, not only do I have the pleasure of watching her wedding ceremony, I will also get to visit with good friends. I anticipate a time of joy, fun, laughter, and time with loved ones.

Then the finale for June 2008, the highly anticipated return to Virginia. Only two more weeks and we will be there. The schedule is all set. The contacts have all been made. The parties are planned and the beach house is prepared. My daughter is eagerly counting down the days. She will get to spend the week with her best friend, the one she has known since she was a baby. I get to spend time with my two best friends, one in celebration of what our friendship has endured and the other in hopes of reestablishing some trust. I anticipate both situations with great hope and excitement. I will also be able to visit with many other friends who have been very important in my life. I have one friend who was my mentor for many years. She is very ill and I look forward to seeing her and telling her how much I love her. So many special people, so many special sights, and so many special times.

June. Wow. It seems to be flying by already and it has just begun. I only hope that I can enjoy every day, savor every moment...breath in the air and the joy of life. I pray that time will pass slowly, that I will remember every sound, every smell, every word, and every touch. Life is so precious, so simple, and the days fly by one after the other and the next thing I know it is gone.

My sons turning 24 and 21 respectively. They were babies only yesterday.

And have I really been around for 46 of my mom's birthdays? That can't possibly be!

And has it been three years already since we moved from Virginia to Texas? I guess so!

And certainly I will not be one of the "seniors" at the wedding? Yes, I'm afraid so.

And has it been almost twenty years ago that I lived in the state of Kansas? Absolutely.

The clock ticks by as I anticipate all these events in the month of June. But right now, right here, let me enjoy this moment and the next. Slow down and wait. Breath in, breath out. Enjoy the anticipation and enjoy the now.

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Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I love summer also. I love having the kids home (most days)! My birthday is in June but I quit having those 4 years ago...if only my family would honor that thought!
I wish you much joy in your summer months!!

In His Graces~Pamela