Monday, June 9, 2008


There are just some things in life that a person just won't forget.

Certain people, places, and experiences have the capability of sticking in my heart and mind with an amount of adhesiveness much like Superglue. Recently, it seems that I am experiencing an increase in unforgettables, or possibly my awareness has just increased. Either way, I feel that I have had barely enough time to process one memorable moment before my life journey carries me on to the next.

This past week has been packed with people, words spoken, time spent, and celebrations that I will likely not forget.

Arriving in Tulsa to be with my mom during her surgery last week, I was given another opportunity to participate in one of the major reasons that I am certain that God brought me to Texas. Texas is fairly close to my family home - only a few hours drive - and I have made that trip many, many times in the last two and a half years to be with my mother during many surgeries since her motorcycle wreck. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to still be in Virginia at such a time as this. And even though I wish that I did not have this event in my life, I am very grateful to be available during these times. Sad as it has been, many beautiful memories have come from this event. My relationship with my mother is closer than I ever could have believed possible. I have made wonderful and caring friends through this situation, and I have seen strength, sacrifice, and support exampled in a way that boggles my mind and blesses my heart.

While there, I spent some fun time and some serious time with a man who knew my mom's husband before he died (as a result of that wreck). He originally came into our lives somewhat out of obligation and ended up a family friend who will never be forgotten. He started out Ron's friend, then my mom's friend, and now I call him one of my friends. Certainly worth remembering.

I also enjoyed time with my sister and her daughter, my niece. Yet another wonderful perk of living near my family... when my niece entered the room where I was, she ran to me with open arms and I scooped her up for many hugs and kisses. I will remember her beautiful little face, her sweet kisses, and gentle hugs for as long as I live. Oh, how I enjoy loving my niece.

I traveled from Tulsa to Wichita, Kansas to watch my half sister get married. The wedding was lovely and the couple was excited and thrilled to be husband and wife. Their faces are captured in my memory as I watched the groom cry as he watched his bride walk down the isle, as my sister shook with excitement as she approached her husband-to-be to exchange the vows of marriage, and the tear that rolled down my father's cheek as he watched his final of three daughters move from his care to her husband's.

I saw family, some of whom I haven't seen in nearly thirty years. I saw cousins who were babies and toddlers and now are grown, aunts and uncles that I remember as young and fun now old and wise. One uncle in particular touched my heart. He spent his life making a living as a welder and when I saw him he always seemed gruff and grouchy. I realize now that he was probably very tired and hot from his job but he always sort of scared me as a child. When I saw my uncle this past weekend, he took both of my hands in his and told me how happy he was to see me. He looked me directly in the eyes and he meant it. It warmed my heart beyond what words can even express.

Another fantastic thing that happened was the discovery that my brother is dating the daughter of some friends of mine from our small group Bible study from the early 1990's! What a small world. I attended worship services at my former church and ran into her parents and we had a wonderful time catching up and talking about how pleased we are about this new relationship.

I also was able to spend some wonderful and precious time with a dear friend who has been in my life for nearly twenty years. We only talk a few times a year, but when we get together, it is as if we have never been apart. I know that is a cliche', but it is a gift that is unforgettable.

On the way home, driving alone in my car, my mind swirled with the events that will be forever etched in my heart. I just want to savor every moment. Memories are wonderful. When I close my eyes the faces are still there, the words are still there, the sights and sounds of things worth remembering are stuck in my heart, part of my journey, forever.

I thank my God every time I remember you. ~Phil 1:3

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