Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold in Texas

Cold weather is not my favorite.
It is cold in Texas today. (and yesterday)

I wake this morning to the sound of Christmas song on my radio, my body snuggled into the warm flannel sheets and the man God has given me.

I don't want to arise to the cold air, the wind.

there is joy in my life.
I have friends, work, (Extreme Home Makeover) today
My life is so blessed
with children
people to love
people to help
parties tonight

My body leaves the warm nest in my bed, hesitant to be hit with the chill.

I feel warm. My robe helps, but really...
it is my heart.

So much love.
So much to be thankful for.
So much to look forward to.
It is another day!

God warms my heart!


grey like snuffie said...

good start to the morning

Kim said...

warm heart...cold toes...i understand as it it freezing here in PA and there is rain/sleet/ice coming our way.

Have a great day and say HI to Ty Pennington for me. I don't watch much TV also but that show always has me crying like a baby!!

Mary Ann Duncan said...

It's miserably cold here too but getting ready to warm up.