Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Extreme Fun with Extreme Home Makeover

My husband told me several weeks ago that he had been contacted by Extreme Home Makeover. For a split second, I hoped it was for us (LOL). The home that is next to his office had been nominated and approved for a makeover. Today the demolition begins. Tomorrow my husband and myself will be on the set and I am so excited. I am not normally star struck...I don't even watch television (it is the truth, really!) but I have watched a total of three Extreme Home Makeover shows and if I DID watch T.V., I would watch this show.

So, stay tuned. Pictures of myself with Ty Pennington himself coming soon!

Here is the newsclip from the noon news today.

Extreme Home Makeover


grey like snuffie said...

Well that could be exciting.

Paula (SweetPea) said...


I almost thought I was at the wrong blog. I didn't recognize the black background and header. Then I noticed I wasn't on your "follow this blog" list. I had to scroll down to make sure this was Liz's. Your on my bloglist though so I'm guessing you just now made your followers viewable.

Ty is a funny dude for sure.

Tracy said...

How neat! When will it air? Probably not for awhile.

Carol said...


That is so cool I love this show, one of the few I wil watch. They always make me cry.

Don't forget to let us know when it airs, and all the behind the scenes goods.