Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Piece of Advise This Week

This came to me from a friend this week.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

Love the pople who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.

I am trying!

And I am so blessed to have so many people who do treat me right...with love, mercy, and grace. Such godly friends and family He has given me. Even you all, my bloggy friends. Thanks for the many prayers and encouraging words!

And the ones that are not acting in godliness...

I think I will just let Him have them........

Love you all!



grey like snuffie said...

I had a relationship that "turned" on me one night...I can still felt like a physical punch to the stomach...I was physically sick for days. It takes a while to recover. But thankful that you and I have the Great Healer.
Your friend gave you GREAT advice.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I've forever heard that quote. However, I tend to receive it with a pinch. The reason being is I have been one of those "who don't treat you right." The person was my beloved and it was part of the cause of his leaving. My words were harsh, awful, unkind, etc. BUT, the big but...but I don't want him to forget me but rather forgive me and see I'm a changed woman. I am again the woman he fell in love with and not the one I turned into when married because of the dramatic emotional stres. Rather, I am a new woman, a better woman than he fell in love with. The Lord has transformed my heart. Now, I must wait for him to transform beloved's heart and then rejoin two transformed people sold out to Christ and reconciled for His wonderful glory.

I do have several friends who abandon me (for unknown reasons) during this trial in my life. Part of me wants to say "forget them" in a non-angry way but part of me wants to know why they are not treating me right. If we've changed courses and there's no desire for friendship, let's just state that.

I hope this is not too analytical. I'm not intending to pick apart your quote. It is a fair one. I guess what I read into it that maybe I shouldn't is that forgetting the people who aren't repentive for their behavior...opposite of where I am where I've treated beloved wrong but want to make it right.

Liz said...

Sweet Paula, I take the quote with a grain of salt. In my mind, "treat you right" encompasses the beauty of repentance and forgiveness and by no means condone "forget them" because they have made a mistake. Oh, dear friend, I too would be entirely alone if everyone turned from me who I had treated wrongly.
In fact, my thoughts are quite the opposite. I have been "forgotten" too because of my sin of treating other's wrong and forgiveness did not bring reconciliation although I, also, am changed.
The "desertion" of friends I experienced had weak explanation; ie. "I am struggling right now and can't talk to you", and "I forgive you but don't want to be your friend." For me, right now, I am deciding that I need no further explanation. Although my ties to these "friends" are bound in Christ, I am finished trying to find out why they aren't treating me right. (after requesting that information)
Time, for me, is too precious to spend on people who choose not to be in my life, for whatever thier reasons. God gives me so much more than that. I continue to love them, but the relationship(s) are no longer worth my extended energy.
You summary paragraph, is EXACTLY how I took the quote.
Plus, this is very analytical for a post that was casual and somewhat sarcastic on my part.
Love to you!